The Ideal Moving Checklist for Your Long Distance Move – Download Word Document

Long Distance Moving Checklist

Six to seven weeks before your move

  • Make a list of everything you wish to relocate or use our inventory list for an easy guideline.
  • Review “Your rights and responsibilities” Booklet issued by the Department Of Transportation to educate the public about
    __moving companies’ liabilities .
  • With the help of our CF and Lbs guide take measurements of your items and get a good idea of the volume or weight of your
    __shipment. This will come highly beneficial in the preparation of your moving budget.
  • Sort out items you don’t wish to relocate and consider a garage sale or donating options within your local community.
  • Some items cannot be relocated by movers, you may like to use them or give them away before the move.
  • Make a special list of fragile items or items you may need professional packing assistance.
  • Contact My Pro Movers and receive your free moving quote.

Four to five weeks before your move

  • Schedule and confirm your moving date with our moving consultants
  • If you are moving with kids, contact their school and have their records transferred to the new school.
  • Arrange the transfer of medical records to relevant health care providers at your new destination. Copies of your medical records can
    __also directly be given to you. Make sure you keep them safe in a folder.
  • Arrange transfer of personal insurance and veterinarian records.
  • Inform important parties about your move:
     Post Office      Telephone      Doctors and dentists
     DMV      Gas      Lawyers
     Tax Offices      Electric      Accountants
     SSA      Water      Brokerage firms
     Banks      Trash      Magazines
     Credit Companies      Cable/Satellite/ Internet      Newspapers

Two to three weeks before your move

  • Make a list of the number, type of boxes and packing materials you require for your move
     Book Boxes      Wardrobe Boxes      Cardboard box cutter
     Small Boxes      Mirror/Picture Box      Bold Color Duck Tape
     Medium Boxes      Tape      Shrink Wrap
     Large Boxes      Bubble Wrap      Packing peanuts
     Dish-Packs      Wrapping paper      Packing Foam
  • Review again the “Non-Allowables” List and make sure you are fully aware of items that cannot be relocated.
  • Begin the process of packing, start with items you are not using very often.
  • Arrange your travel plans, book flight tickets and hotels.
  • In case driving, service your car and make sure it’s well maintained for the drive.
  • Disconnect propane tanks from BBQ Grills  and empty fuel tanks in case you are moving lawn mowers and motorcycles.
  • Contact utilities providers and set a date to disconnect their services.
  • If you are moving with pets, make sure to visit your vet. Most states require health certificates and perhaps other health
    __procedures. Consult with your vet about and ensure your pet is well taken care of.

One week before your move

  • Speed up on the packing process and try to finish packing your boxes and suitcases
  • If you require medication, visit your doctor and set up prescriptions for the next few weeks, make sure to keep them in a safe place.
  • You may like to catch up with friends a family for a nice gathering before you leave.

Few days before your move

  • Defrost your refrigerator or freezer and make sure it is dry from liquids.
  • Make sure you got rid of items that cannot be moved.

Day before your move

  • Walkthrough your property and in case you are packing your own boxes make sure all items are properly boxed.
  • Make sure you got rid of items that cannot be moved.
  • Don’t disconnect electronics such as TV’s, stereos, computer etc.. Yet, leave that for the actual move day as it is important they
    __stay within the room temperature.

Moving Day

  • It is time for a final walkthrough with our movers, it is within your responsibility to make sure all your personal belongings are
    __inventoried and loaded on the truck. Get your bill of lading copy and review it carefully before singing. Keep your copy in a safe place.
  • It is recommended to keep your landline connected in case you require to make last minute phone calls.
  • Before leaving your properly, make sure all lights are turned of, windows are shut, and doors are locked.

Final checklist

     Keys      Travel Bags      Prescriptions
     Wallet      Flight tickets      IPods/Mp3
     Credit Cards/Checks      Laptops      Food/Snacks
     Cell Phones/Chargers      Tablets      Drinks
     Driver license and ID      Medications      Toilet Paper


  • Our driver will contact you few days prior, one day prior and one hour prior before arrival, make sure you are present to
    __receive your personal belongings. In case you cannot be there, you can assign an adult to receive your belongings on your
    __behalf and submit the final payment of your move.
  • With your copy of the bill of lading and full inventory list, make sure all of your personal beginnings arrived safely and inform the
    __driver with any changes. Your personal belongings will be placed in your new property according to your directions and items
    __that were disassembled at the origin will be reassembled by our crew.
  • It is advised to wait 24-48 hours before connecting electronics such as TV’s, stereos, computer they can reach room
    __temperature in order to eliminate the chance of damages.