CF refers to the actual volume of your shipment, which is based on the items you wish to relocate. In order to the determine the volume of a certain item first, we need to calculate the measurements. We will start by measuring the height, width and the depth of a certain item and multiply the dimensions. For instance a bookshelf that is 6 feet tall by 4 feet wide and 2 feet deep will accumulate a volume of 48 CF as 6x4x2= 48. If we work in inches we will have to divide the total by 1728. For example a box that is 24 inches tall by 18 inches wide by 18 inches deep  will come to 7776, as 24x18x18= 7776. Now we need to divide 7776 by 1728 and the result is 4.5 CF.

Once all items have been measured and calculated we can add the volume of each item in order to determine the total volume of your shipment. When the total volume of your shipment is figured, it is mandatory to add between 10%-15% wiggle room as furniture is oddly shaped and when stacked in the truck it often requires additional room, room that cannot be occupied by other items but yet is being utilized.


Moving companies are required to work by a set formula when it comes to estimating weight, this formula is fixed and cannot be changed. The formula acts as a general language to assess the weight of a certain item according to its volume and is based on the assumption that volume can easily be determined by appearance, as opposed to weight, that must be put on a scale. According to the formula 1 CF = 7LBS, which means an item that takes 30 CF will be estimated as 210 LBS, as 30×7=210. However in reality this formula may be off, especially when it comes to boxes that may not require a lot of room (small volume) but can be packed with heavy items such as books. If you prefer to receive a moving quote based on  weight, first the volume of your shipment must be calculated and multiplied by 7, however the actual weight of your shipment could be more or less. Moving companies are required to weigh the truck before and after loading in order to get the exact weight of a shipment and determine the final moving costs.

Please Note: In reality  when it comes to furniture, normally the volume of an item is greater than what it weighs based on the formula. If you haven’t calculated the volume of your shipment but you feel it should weigh around 3,500 lbs, the actual volume of your shipment can be much greater than 500 CF ( According to the formula 3500 lbs = 500 CF  as 3500/7=500). It is highly important to figure out first the volume of your shipment because it is almost impossible to go over trucks’ weight restrictions but it is very easy not to have enough room in the truck to occupy your entire shipment.