Very often hiring a moving company for the first time or a lack of proper information from previous moves, may lead consumers and customers to misconceptions of how their belongings are going to be handled. “Knowledge Is Power” so let’s go ahead and replace  those misconceptions with real facts as we review one of the most important elements of moving long distances –  your personal belongings.

In some cases, your belongings will have to be moved from one truck to another before it reaches destination, especially if you require storage services. People tend not to like the idea of their belongings being moved in and out of the truck more than once, which is completely understandable and the fact is that movers don’t really like it either because it means more labor, but unfortunately, sometimes it is simply inevitable.

How The Pros Do That?

Each and every item you wish to relocate will be tagged and inventoried with a special serial number and codes before the loading process can start. Once the inventory list is completed we will provide you with a copy for your approval. Make sure you keep your copy in a safe place in case you wish to review it in a later stage. If for some reason you cannot find your copy, you can always get another copy by contacting our offices. Your new copy can be faxed, emailed or mailed to you.

In cases where storage services are required or the process of loading and unloading  occurs more than once, inventory lists are being examined and checked regularly by our storage dispatch managers. In addition,  inventories are being checked again for the last and final time upon arrival at your destination by our experienced drivers. It is our responsibility to get your personal belongings from point A to point B  If your move requires special attention to details and a thorough examination process you can rest assured we will thrive beyond your expectations.