Here at My Pro Movers the safety of your personal belongings is always our number one priority and it is within our responsibility to make sure the transportation process is performed to the highest standards.  There are certain items that are classified as a lethal risk when it comes to long distance transportation and therefore cannot be relocated by us. Those items are considered hazardous  materials  and include flammables, explosives, corrosives or have the potential to emit gases.


Acids Liquid Bleach
Aerosols Loaded Guns
Ammonia Matches
Ammunition Motor Oil
Car Batteries Nail Polish
Charcoal Nail Polish Remover
Charcoal Lighter Fluid Paint Thinner
Chemistry Sets Paints
Cleaning  Solvents Pesticides
Darkroom Chemicals Poisons
Fertilizer Pool Chemicals
Fire extinguisher Propane Tanks
Fireworks Reloading  Supplies
Gasoline SCUBA Tanks
Household Batteries Sterno
Kerosene Weed killer
Lamp Oil


The following  list includes items that are not sustainable when it comes to relocating long distances. The transportation of those items  may result in the damage of your property and therefore cannot be relocated.

Frozen Food Plants
Opened Food Products Produce
Refrigerated Food

 Personal or Sentimental Items

During our life we tend to accumulate many precious items, some could be very expensive and some, perhaps, money wise may not be worth much but have a tremendous value to us and cannot be replaced by any form or way. We always recommend to keep high value items with you and always in your sight.

Address Book Jewelry
Airline Tickets Laptop computers
Car Keys Medical, Dental Records
Car Titles Medicine
Cash Medicine Prescription
CDs Pagers
Cell Phones Personal Video Tapes, DVDs
Certificates Of Deposit Photographs, photo albums, Wedding
Collections (Coin, Stamps) Professional Files
Checkbooks Research Projects
Computer Discs/Data/Backup/Files School Records
Financial Documents Special Keys; Safe, Home, Etc..
Insurance Policies Sterling Silver
IRAs, Deeds, Tax Records Stocks And Bonds